Lies of the Lashkar – Yoginder Sikand

3 December 2008

Leader of the Lashkar-e Tayyeba

Hafiz Saeed: Leader of the Lashkar-e Tayyeba

Not possessing a television set myself, it was only just now that was I able to listen to the recording, hosted on the Internet, of a conversation which took place some days ago between a terrorist holed up at Nariman House in Mumbai and calling himself ‘Imran Babar’ and reporters of the India TV channel.

It is plainly evident from the conversation that the terrorist was a Pakistani, most likely a Punjabi.  This obvious from his accent and the sort of Urdu he speaks.  One can easily make out that he had been carefully tutored by his mentors who masterminded the deadly terror assault on Mumbai to intersperse his hate-driven harangue with some Hindi words (shanti, parivar etc.) and to use Urdu words in the typical Hindi way (jabardasti, instead of zabardasti, etc.) so as to give the misleading impression that he and the other terrorists with him were Indian Muslims, not Pakistanis.  The terrorists claimed to belong to the ‘Deccan’, in India, but it is obvious that this was not at all the case.  There can be no doubt that these Pakistani terrorists were trained to lie that they were Indian Muslims who were allegedly resorting to terror in revenge for the atrocities committed on Muslims in Continue reading

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